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I would like to know what other people find to be the worms most popular and distasteful food.

My worms just love banana peels and consume them very rapidly. I would say that is their favorite. On the other hand avacado skins seem to be least popular. I guess the hard skin is sort of like the egg shells a little hard for them to eat. I have both Red
Wigglers and Europeon Night crawlers.

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i´m a researcher working with earthworms. is there any address where i can get the african nightcrawler (eudrilus eugeniae) within europe? as i´m sitting in germany, import from the non-EU is often a problem. many thanks for your replied in advance :)


I always keep kitchen scraps in a zip lock bag (one of those quart sized ones).  It gets filled up with Coffee grounds (kept in the brown filters we use), Tea bags (less the string and staple), vegetable peels, fruit peels, and compote from a juicer I use each morning to make Apple/Carrot juice from.  Egg shells, and the list goes on and on.  I've even put Aloe leaves from our Aloe plant in there, after using them.  Avacado pits, I mean - you name it.


Now - when it is full up - it goes in the freezer for at least a week (and trust me when I say that there are a lot of bags in my freezer).  I have a few different Sterilite systems, that I keep in my bedroom closet (very nice too - they are not really deep, but very long - makes for greater surface area which is better for the worms I use - Red Wigglers - than depth).  The food goes in - is covered by at least an inch of shredded up, corrugated cardboard of different densities (egg carton type, shipping box type, and brown bags from the grocery store).  They plow through the food like it was candy, and it makes for a really great product in about 6/7 months.

P.S.  I have nearly no flies what-so-ever too because of the freezing and burying of the scraps under the shredded cardboard.

How about feeding my squirm some wild mushrooms ?

Occasionally, I get some shrooms popping up in my flower garden and lawn and I have been pulling them and throwing them in the trash.

Would shrooms that would poison me, be ok to feed to my squirm ?



I doubt it would hurt the worms, but why take the chance. If you have multiple boxes, you might try a small quantity  in one box as an experiment. I would be interested in the results. Good Luck.

i tried to feed some wild mushrooms to mine a couple of month ago. i even put the shrooms in the freezer over night. my worms didn't touch them.  

How about cooked foods ?

My wife had some cooked sweet potatoes that had gotten all covered with mold/fungus/etc. while in the refrigerator.

I was thinking of giving them to the squirm, then remembered that until now, it had always been uncooked vegies.

What say y'all ?


I think they'd love it, unless you're talking about candied yams or something, mixed with other ingredients like butter and salt.  If it's just the sweet potatoes themselves, I'd use them.  Lotta starch though, maybe, so just watch out for overfeeding.  Also, this might bring a ton of potworms for a while.  :-)  I don't see that as a big problem though.

Worms love Chai

I make chai every morning and the worms love the tea and spices left over.

I got into vermicomposting when I noticed my outdoor bin was full of red wigglers.  The main ingredient I dumped in the bin every day was my left over chai grounds.  The ingredients are loose leaf tea, ground green cardamom pods, ground brown cardamom pods, whole cloves, a little ground pepper and ground fennel and milk and sugar

I don’t know why but my worms love their spiced chai, maybe they are just spoiled.

My swarm really really like persimmons. The Asian kind that are eaten while firm.

We had some that had gotten well beyond the firm stage and this picture is after one week,

I put the persimmon directly on the bottom of the top tray and the critters used to gather under it, in the next tray down.


I have tried just about everything within reason over the last 20 yrs.   Horse manure is still the #1 favorite of my worms.  Rotten cucumbers found in the back of the refrigerator after a few weeks, is a close 2nd.  ;)




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