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I would like to know what other people find to be the worms most popular and distasteful food.

My worms just love banana peels and consume them very rapidly. I would say that is their favorite. On the other hand avacado skins seem to be least popular. I guess the hard skin is sort of like the egg shells a little hard for them to eat. I have both Red
Wigglers and Europeon Night crawlers.

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My worms LOVE watermelon rinds and banana peels. They also eat up onion pretty good except for that dry skin part that protects the onion. That's a little difficult for them to eat. I'll find that part floating around the bin but there won't be any onion left on it. (They seem to like to push it around searching for edible parts.) Right now, the worms are swarming around a bunch of spinach but it's taking them a long time to eat the stuff. I was lazy and didn't cut any of it up. Guess my laziness equals being more patient with the worms doing their stuff!
My husband cut up the whole watermelon at one time. How much rind is a wise amount to add to the bin? Do u put it on time or make a hole and cover up the watermelon. I am a newbie...thanks 4 your help! Cathy
My worms love potatoes best. Lovely, starchy globs to burrow in. I try not to mince my scraps too fine because they love crawling through their food. I haven't the heart to reprimand them.
Citrus peels and too much onion...not so much.
Mine are definitely not a fan of potato peels. I have had to fish some peels out, they've been in there so dang long.

They are a fan of bananas, strawberry tops, coffee grinds, and tomatoes, plus funky moldy nectarines, peaches, and apples. I tend to get giant hauls of one thing at a time (like 6 pounds of strawberry tops from the funnel cake stand or eight pounds of sliced tomatoes) from where I work (an amusement park), so I have a chance to observe pretty closely what they finish quick and what they slack off on.

I once grew a whole bin of baby tomato plants after the tomato slice feeding!
My worms like onions. Keep in mind a large chunk of onion will have quite an odor in a worm bin so give it a bash or a chop. Cilantro, spices, nearly everything, yes. On coffee grounds..they take a bit to break down but are a very valuable food for the worms. They are, after all, a bean or seed that has been cooked a couple of times but are high in nitrogen. I even use left over coffee to moisten the bedding. Worms wont let much go to waste. Dont forget tea bags. If you want to use pet hair. . ok but keep in mind that it will take forever and a day to break down. Cardboard and newspaper and paper plates and egg cartons and drink holders and of coars pizza boxes. leaves and grass(take it easy on grass) (oak leaves are really very high in nitrogen believe it or not) I don't use leaves because of slugs, but that's just me. Great thread.....steve
Thanks to all for your helpful comments. My worm boxes are doing well, and I have been selling worm tea, castings, worms, and set up boxes at the farm market in Orleans on Cape Cod. The people at the market enjoy hearing about the benefits of growing worms and many are starting their own boxes. I am not getting rich selling my worm products, but enjoy the interaction with my customers. I have a goldfish pond in my yard which has been accumulating lots of string algea. It is a pain, and I have had trouble getting rid of it. However, I have found the worms just love it. If I throw in a large handful into a box, I find in a few hours the worms are all through it. I am not sure whether they just like being in it or are there to consume it. It does seem to be disappearing, so they must eat it.
Heck I really have not found anything they don't like. But I think they like fruit the best. I don't know if its because its sweet or it breaks down faster. I read recently that you should not feed them anything sweat because the sugar ferments and turns to alcohol. And we know thats not good for them. Anyone know anything about this?
I feed my worms lots of fruit and have yet to see a drunken worm. I have no scientific into on this topic. Sorry.
Hi John,
I had a lot of watermelon rinds in my frig for the worms. At the end, there was a lot of cloudy liquid in the bowl, and the fruit was slimy and whitish. I believe it was definitely starting to ferment.
I put a small piece in each bin to see how the worms would react. Later I checked and they were clustered underneath the melon loving it. So I fed them the rest.
When I've put watermelon rind directly in I've noticed it turns grey after just one day. I think they like it so much because it starts to rot so fast, making it something they can use.

I think for things to ferment bacteria is needed...So it actually makes sense if they love it. :)

Hi there. First post here.
I just started a worm bin and so far, it looks like they like banana peels and coffee grounds. We add these two items daily.

I also just recently put in a small puddle of old applesauce. I figured it's just pureed apples but I noticed on the jar that it also contains ascorbic acid as a preservative. I guess that makes it more acidic than normal apples. But, so far so good. Has anyone had experience with applesauce?

Recently, I've started hoarding our kitchen waste in a small plastic tub (used to contain organic spinach). I keep the tub in the fridge to in order to prevent odor and stop disturbing the worms on a daily basis. I'll feed the worms once a week from now on and this will be a good way to measure how much waste I am giving the worms each week.




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