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Problems with the Map of Vermicomposters?

I'm still working out the kinks in the site and a couple people have reported not being able to see the push pins on the Map of Vermicomposters. I created this thread to help keep track of issues so I can try to fix any problems that may come up and hopefully make sure that everyone can see the map. Firstly here is what the front page should look like if things are working correctly:

If you are unable to see the pushpins or the bubble info over the map (or are having any other issue) please let me know, also if you can include which browser and computer operating system you use (i.e. Mac or PC and what version) that would be helpful in figuring out if it is only on some specific systems that it is not working.


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SUCCESS!!!! I'm finally listed.  

I'm using Windows 7 on a PC and Internet Explorer. Can't get past Step 1. I can see the pushpins and the bubble info.

Try the Google Chrome browser.


Thank you for the info.  I will try.


how are you worms today? LOL

Go to next step never happens when I click the link

Karen, try a different browser.

Hi, where can I find my profile ID. Every URL I try to use to contact another user from the map to obtain worms does not work and I cannot move forward and obtain worms :(.  How can I find a solution?

I am having trouble asking people in my area about buying some worms from them. I am on a surface rt and I think I am using internet explorer? Not sure how to find out anything else.. My zip code is 75181.. It will not let me go any farther than sending out the pre-made letter..How do you find out my url? thingy

I have attempted to post to the map. I enter my info and it shows on the map and is accurate. There is a button that says go to the next step. I push that & nothing happens. The window flickers and the same go to next step. 

Hi I have tried to show my location on the map, having entered the postcode it shows the correct location however when I click on next step nothing happens.


For some reason I I can't get to the map. I am on it already. But wonder if something is up with the link or just me?"




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