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Problems with the Map of Vermicomposters?

I'm still working out the kinks in the site and a couple people have reported not being able to see the push pins on the Map of Vermicomposters. I created this thread to help keep track of issues so I can try to fix any problems that may come up and hopefully make sure that everyone can see the map. Firstly here is what the front page should look like if things are working correctly:

If you are unable to see the pushpins or the bubble info over the map (or are having any other issue) please let me know, also if you can include which browser and computer operating system you use (i.e. Mac or PC and what version) that would be helpful in figuring out if it is only on some specific systems that it is not working.


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Thanks for the reply Steven. Found the links to change the pushpin color yesterday when I updated my map entry. As for the delays, it seems to be much better this morning. There is no delay in the typing display as I am writing this message. As for the delay in loading the map, I have yet to check that. I think a large part of the problem is on my end. I usually have several programs running at one time at work and I think the processor starts hitting roadblocks with all the information I asking it to get through. I also cleaned out Explorer's temp folder and that may have helped also.

Thanks again,
Hi Steven - me again - I still have a problem that not all the pins are visible on the map. I have zoomed right in as far as it will go on Johannesburg and my pin is still not there. Neither is Arthur Haddow in Cape Town visible any more. I am sure that there are others in SA that are also missing.
Jenni... sounds like there still maybe an issue with the map... so I'll try to sort it out. Can I get some more details on what is happening? I want to see if I can get the problem to happen on my computer so that I can see it and work on fixing it . When I click on the "+" zoom button as much as I can.. i end up seeing this:

What happens on your computer? If you have a chance can you take a screen capture and post it? On Windows you can do that by hitting "Ctrl+PrtScn" and then pasting it into MSPaint.

Thanks again for taking the time to report this.. hopefully we can figure out what the issue is.
The map will not leave my location in place. I use a desktop pc, windowsxp aol is my provider.
georgie, Are you clicking on the "Add my worm bin" link on the map?
Map performance upgrade. The map has been getting progressively slower as more folks add themselves.. and folks have been letting me know it is getting a little too slow, so I took a look and upgraded the map a little to make it download less info and should be much faster now. If you get a chance can you try to bring it up and see [a] if it still works for you and [b] if it feels any faster? Thanks.

Who knew that so many folks would add themselves to the map? :).
Looks good to me. Wow, there are a lot of people in the Bay Area. It's a lot thinner for those of us on the East Coast.
I just listed my location on the map, but the push pin appeared to the west of where I live. I am in Dayton, Ohio, specifically Washington township. However, the map shows me as being west of Eaton, near the Ohio Indiana state line. I should be in the Dayton, Ohio area.

I think the map is getting confused with "Washington township". Can you try entering a street intersection near you? For example, "clayton and little richmond, dayton, ohio" (just an example.. of course, I don't know where you are exactly). Remember that the info is displayed publicly so you may want to just specify the nearest major intersection. Please let me know if this works for you.
Hi Steve,

great site. I have tried to contact Cristina Glariada, Philippines, http://crisonthesidelines@word... but to no avail. I put in my url waltsworms. but I can't seam to make contact with her. maybe I don't know what url means. computers are still mysterious to me.

How did you try to contact? via the map? If so you would want to provide her with this url:

(you just enter the last part which is your profile ID into the "Contact this person" form)... that way she'll have a way of respond to you if she wants.


Thank you for reporting this problem. I've updated the site so it should work now with your profile. Please give another try. Thanks again for reporting it.





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