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Problems with the Map of Vermicomposters?

I'm still working out the kinks in the site and a couple people have reported not being able to see the push pins on the Map of Vermicomposters. I created this thread to help keep track of issues so I can try to fix any problems that may come up and hopefully make sure that everyone can see the map. Firstly here is what the front page should look like if things are working correctly:

If you are unable to see the pushpins or the bubble info over the map (or are having any other issue) please let me know, also if you can include which browser and computer operating system you use (i.e. Mac or PC and what version) that would be helpful in figuring out if it is only on some specific systems that it is not working.


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It worked. My photo is the sideways one with me, my two pups in the basket and a bumper sticker that says 'Promote Global Worming'.
Thanks for reporting this problem. I got an email from Earthmaid as well and when I checked into it I realized the system that sent the verification emails has been down for several days. The problem should be fixed now and I've resent all the activation emails that weren't sent.

Thanks again for reporting this. Please let me know if you notice anything else.
Hey Steven,

I love the map feature on the Vermicomposting site. I am starting a Ning community site for Shad Fishing and would like to include a similar map to locate shad fisherman. I can not figure out how to include the map feature. Can you help me out? Another question: What is the key for the different color pushpins on the map. I am sure the key is someplace, but I can not find it. Thanks................Woo
Hi...I'm not having any problems with the map or web site, but I am getting emails about notification...I get several each there a way to stop them, since I know I am verified? I have a pc, with windows ME, but I don't think that has any thing to do with it...this is a great web site.....Tom addy:
Tom, I think you need to change preferences on the map page to not be updated when a new member adds them selves.
I am receiving emails every time someone joins, it sometimes takes quite a while before I stop receiving all of the individual emails announcing everyone joining.

How do I stop these emails? If I want to see who joined I will check the map.

Here is the info to turn on or off the notifications:

(that link + info is also included on each notification email for your convenience)
I went through the process again and still am receiving notifications. I also do not receive any link in notification emails to stop getting notifications. I have tried what has been suggested and still have problems. Has anyone else had any problems after having tried the suggested ways?
Has anyone else solved the problem, if so, how?

Anne, hmm.. can you send me the email address that you're receiving the emails at and i can take a closer look? (send via "send message" link on my profile rather than Reply if you don't want your email address posted publicly here).
Yes... although if the balloons are on the same point you have zoom a lot to actually be able to see them. Any suggestions how how to improve how this is displayed?
Hey Steven. I have 2 questions for you. First, how do I change the color of my pushpin from teal to red to let people know that I am willing to field questions from newbies? Second, perhaps it's just my machine, but it takes at least 5 minutes to load any of the pages and I have a DSL line at work. I'm using Windows Professional 2000 and Internet Explorer. Even while I'm typing this message, there is like a 2 second delay before the words appear on the screen.

Buddy Bourne,

When you click on the verification link in the email the map sends you there are a bunch of checkboxes... and a couple of them are for "for sale", "extra worms".. "willing to help".. when you check them and then same your entry your push pin will show up in another color. Here are the general instructions on how to update your entry.

As far as the delay do you mean on the map page or on these forums?





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