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Problems with the Map of Vermicomposters?

I'm still working out the kinks in the site and a couple people have reported not being able to see the push pins on the Map of Vermicomposters. I created this thread to help keep track of issues so I can try to fix any problems that may come up and hopefully make sure that everyone can see the map. Firstly here is what the front page should look like if things are working correctly:

If you are unable to see the pushpins or the bubble info over the map (or are having any other issue) please let me know, also if you can include which browser and computer operating system you use (i.e. Mac or PC and what version) that would be helpful in figuring out if it is only on some specific systems that it is not working.


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I have signed up to make an entry on the map three times and I never get a confirmation email. When I signed up for a profile on the webstie, an email was sent immediately. Is there some kind of bug with the map? I see the push pins multiplying quickly so I assume others are not having a problem.
Thank you for reporting this issue. Have you checked your junk mail folder? It is possible that the email is ending up there.
It did not end up in my junk mail folder. I will try another attempt at the map.
I tried two more times. I still did not get an email. Is it because I am not including the optional information (picture, website)?
The optional info is not required. I'm away from my computer (for Memorial Day weekend), but I'll take a closer look at this when I get back.
No worries, but I still can't get this thing to work. It's ok with me. Just know that you can add 2 more pounds of weekly composted waste to your total. That's all I got for now. Thanks for the help though.
Steve.. I got back from my vacation yesterday and had a chance to take a look. Yikes.. it looks like nobody who had an "" email address had been able to validate their map entry... I put something in there to fix that for now. hopefully it'll work. You should have your activation url in your Inbox or Junk Mail folder now. Thank you for being so persistent in this... I'm glad that we got to the bottom of this.
Sweet. Thanks for sorting this out. I'm now a card carrying member of "the movement".
I'm part of int indoor vermicomposters and have posted and it shows my picture, but my pushpin never appeared. Is there anything I did wrong? I answered the confirmation email and signed up for 'optional reminder'. I didn't want to do that again in case that would mess things up for you. I have a Mac and I'm using Firefox sometimes and Safari sometimes.
I just checked the database and it looks like the entry has not been activated yet. After you clicked on the "optional reminder" did you click on the "Activate Button" below.. and then seen the message "Your entry has been activated"? If you have already please try it again.. it shouldn't mess anything up.
Apparently I waited to long. Earlier today I could have done that, but now it's no longer valid. I could re-register, but it probably wouldn't be connected to the posts I've already made. Any ideas? Thanks Steven.

If you just go through the process again and use the same email address the system will know that it is the same account. Btw, you only need to enter location, name and amount and it will remember anything else you entered.





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