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Welcome to!

New Signup Process is a social networking community for people who have a worm bin or compost with worms or for people who are thinking about getting started and want more information.  There are… Continue

Created by Steven Chow May 28, 2008 at 7:35am. Last updated by Steven Chow Mar 12, 2010.



Welcome to is a social networking community for people who have a worm bin/compost with worms or for people who are thinking about getting started. Read this note to help you get started on Map was setup to to find out how many people compost with worms so don't forget to add yourself to the map.

If you have any questions or problems with the map please post here Thank you.

Got photos on flickr? The Worm Watch feature on the homepage is being replaced.. with the vermicomposting flickr pool to make it easier for us all to update the featured photos on the homepage.. sorry for the delay on fixing Worm Watch and please help add any flickr photos you can find to the vermicomposting pool! WormWiki
Share your knowledge by becoming a WormWiki writer! Vermicomposting can be intimidating at first... but maybe we can help make it easier by assembling our experiences and knowledge on a wiki to help people get started. Write your own articles like Amy's How to make a worm bin bag or just pitch in on the collectively written online guide. Check out the Online Resources / Links Section

Be sure to also join the WormWiki Writers group

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FabricGATOR replied to Milt's discussion Selective breeding
"Milt, I see you conceived your theory back in January, have you tried to segregate your master race? I thought it were interesting concept, that is without any scientific background or research of your proposal on my end. Basically, you wanted to…"
9 hours ago
dermy replied to Milt's discussion Selective breeding
"I'd have to say the best method to get Worms to multiply is to have a good enviroment full of microganisms and such as well as properly preparing your food waste. I don't think you can skip a good Healthy Worm Bin For Population growth."
21 hours ago
Barron Stainback updated their profile
23 hours ago
Stephen Churchill replied to Kate M's discussion Worm harvester
"Hi there, it appears the link is broken to my harvester download, so here it is again!,Steve"
Wayne commented on Ben's blog post 80 Gallon Flow Through Bin
"Nice bin. One thing to remember if you are in the U.S., buying lumber. All dimension lumber, unless it is perhaps rough-sawn is not the true dimension. A 2x4 is actually a 1-1/2" x 3-1/2" and a 1x6 is actually 3/4"x 5-1/2". The…"
Daniel J Kline commented on Ryan Van Patten's group NOVA Compost Community
"Thanks, Wayne... April 11 is now the official day! "
Wormgal updated their profile
Reneé joined Sam Jones's group

Coffee Ground Vermicomposters

All those who feel like adding coffee grounds to their worm bins or who collect and make use of Coffee Grounds are welcome here. Lets share ideas.See More
Reneé joined adam tolley's group

reputable non sponsered suppliers

a group of people who have purchased worms or equipment from the real good guys in vermiculture
Reneé joined adam tolley's group

DIY tip and Tricks

DIY tips and Tricks of building worm farms and different feeding and harvesting methods
Reneé joined Susan B's group

Perionyx Excavatus Farmers

a.k.a. Indian Blues, Malaysian Blues or just Blues
Wayne Dickson commented on The Garbage Guru's group Horse manure users
"Would like to connect with horse manure users.  My farm is in Rappahannock County, VA.  Anyone close?"
Mar 19
Wayne Dickson commented on Ryan Van Patten's group NOVA Compost Community
"Daniel:  my wife and I can attend April 11. "
Mar 19
Daniel J Kline replied to Lance Waedemon's discussion Using the blender for making worm chow
"All our kitchen waste goes in the blender. then I dump it in a colander sitting on a 5 gallon white pail to reduce moisture. This sits overnight, then gets fed to the 10 breeder beds that enable my population growth. The breeder beds get processed…"
Mar 18
Daniel J Kline commented on Ryan Van Patten's group NOVA Compost Community
"Since several people have said April 4 does not work for our gathering, how about the following week, April 11, 2015?"
Mar 18
Daniel J Kline replied to Daniel J Kline's discussion Growing your Vermicompost Business gathering April 4, 2015 in the group Virginia Vermiculture
"Concerning our gathering... I have had 4 people tell me that April 4 does not work for them. So... what about the next weekend, April 11? Let me know if that will be agreeable. Dan"
Mar 18
Angel posted a status
"Who here lives in San Francisco or in the bay area that could help me with a handful of worms I would really appreciate it thank you"
Mar 14
stefaan walleghem replied to Organic Crusader's discussion quick, easy, and cheap 210 gal/800l bin.
"really nice if you don't get animals eating your worms like this outside. I only use a fence underneath, as we only have to worry about moles around here. In the summer period I just make two lines of about 4 meters in lenght, and 1 meter on 1…"
Mar 13
Bill replied to Lance Waedemon's discussion Using the blender for making worm chow
"I did until I blew my blender up. Eggshells are good. Dried beans are a treat as well. "
Mar 12
FabricGATOR replied to synelg's discussion Aerobic/Anaerobic - That is the Question
"JCV, I see you have been rooting around in the archives. This thread from May 2011 I get live underwater worms from my tea pot when I get around to cleaning it out. I assume they are from the castings cocoons that I use to inoculate with. I'm…"
Mar 12


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Worm harvester 8 Replies

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Using the blender for making worm chow 2 Replies

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quick, easy, and cheap 210 gal/800l bin. 2 Replies

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Aerobic/Anaerobic - That is the Question 19 Replies

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types of bedding 24 Replies

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Gardening with castings 10 Replies

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Raising worms outdoors in hot climates. 8 Replies

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Portable harvester 9 Replies

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Membership 10 Replies

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I can't find worm cocoons in my worm bins? :( 9 Replies

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Worms - Overfeeding? 4 Replies

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From BBC Earth

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Are these young worms? 3 Replies

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urgent question 13 Replies

Started by Claudia. Last reply by FabricGATOR Jan 16.

Beginner here: stacking or flow-through system? 4 Replies

Started by Carl Duffin. Last reply by Maurice Lee Jan 14.

Worm Wiki

Started by Maurice Lee Jan 12.

Worms underwater 3 Replies

Started by FabricGATOR. Last reply by FabricGATOR Jan 12.

How do I get started 82 Replies

Started by Carol. Last reply by Marco Adriano Jan 12.

Blog Posts

What food is immediately most attractive to European Nightcrawlers?

This is a question and an experiment log...

What is the food that will draw European Night-crawlers most quickly, within 1 to 4 days? Please do post your personal experiences with foods that they come to within 1 to 4 days.

Right now, I'm interested in this food experiment, but ultimately, I'd like to figure out how to draw some of the biggest worms into a small area for "quick picking", so if you have personal experience with that please do post about it.

On to…


Posted by Bill Wilson on February 3, 2015 at 5:39pm — 1 Comment

Egg Carton Feeder

I am going to place "Smoothies" along with pulverized egg shells or grit into a paper egg carton and then freeze them inside a one gallon zip lock bag.
When it is feeding time, I'll just break off chunks & toss them in.

Posted by Barry Winters on January 6, 2015 at 10:03pm

Tiny Tub two Worm Challenge (TTTWC)

are any of you doing Bentley's tiny tub two worm challenge?

Posted by Claudia on January 6, 2015 at 6:57pm

Millipede wood processing

This is an update on the discussion regarding vermicomposting Cellulose after "preprocessing" wood chips by millipedes. The millipedes that I mentioned were apparently recent arrivals from the Bahamas. Since they were non-natives and had little natural population control they were quite prolific. 

Despite being very efficient at processing decaying organic material and especially wood chips, they were only a problem due to their high population levels.

This year…


Posted by J Bullock on December 14, 2014 at 7:13pm

Something to think about then act on.

"Historically, the most terrible things - war, genocide, and slavery - have resulted not from disobedience, but from obedience." Howard Zinn

Posted by maurice small on November 19, 2014 at 8:02am

My first worm based sanitation paper...

Here is copy of my first worm based sanitation paper, please message me if you are interested. C 

Posted by Claire Furlong on November 17, 2014 at 12:30pm — 3 Comments

New Worm bin

Got my worms a couple of weeks ago. Placed them in my wooden outdoor compost bin that was used during the summer. Left the cooled compost inside the bin and used that as the bottom bedding, placed the worms inside the bin and added some pumpkin chunks. Things where going good and I discovered that the worms enjoyed the pumpkin chunks.

Then winter decided it was time to show up and the temp decided to drop. So after monitoring the temp inside the bin for a couple of days I…


Posted by shane on November 14, 2014 at 8:19pm


Hello All, I'm wanting to start a worm bin and not sure how to go about it. Size or space is not a problem and I'm in Texas so it's not to cold (most of the time), but does get hot in summer. I think the flow through bins are interesting but I can't figure out what holds every thing in. Seems like stuff would just fall through the bars in the bottom.


Posted by Earl Patton on October 14, 2014 at 8:55pm — 2 Comments

Worm crate Update

Alittle update :

I have been feeding the worms some of my kitchen scraps, around 8 onces of various veggie scraps stored in the freezer (including garlic, onion and lemon - but only very little (as in less that an once of it). Before adding it to the big, i throw them in the food processor (with some water to make the grinding possible), spinkled some powdered eggshells, and add some dry bedding to absorb some of the extra moisture. For now the total is just about 8 lbs of food that was…


Posted by Benj Lucas on September 25, 2014 at 10:26am




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